For those of you who followed me from my last blog, welcome!  For people who have just found me, I hope that I won’t bore you too quickly.

We’ve been on leave for a bit, just doing stuff around the house.  It’s been good, actually.  I’ve been wanting to go travelling for a while, so much so that I didn’t really care where to, really.  I just had itchy feet.  But this holiday at home has been satisfying for a few reasons.  We’ve done some much-needed housework, and we’ve also hit the garden.  Both of these are good things 🙂  We’re not really keen gardeners, and every few months I start to feel like the neighbours are starting up a petition to run us out of our suburb.

We originally bought our house a few years back, when the market was booming and we realised we needed to upgrade from C’s villa to a real house.  At the time, we were thinking/anticipating having kid/s, so it made sense to get a 4×2.  Four years on, my mental health hasn’t been particularly good, and we’re starting to realise that maybe kids aren’t the automatic fallback option for us.  However, we still have a large 4×2 that requires cleaning and general maintenance.  While we both like our house, in retrospect it probably wasn’t the best decision to buy it.  C’s villa was the ideal size for the two of us, both inside and outside.

Still, our neighbourhood is lovely, and we do like where we live.  It’s a great spot, and we can walk to the local shops, which we’ve been doing the last few days, as the weather has been great, particularly for winter.  (Yes, we’re in the southern hemisphere – Australia, to be precise 😉 )

Anyhow, we’re both thoroughly enjoying our holiday at home, plus we’ve done a few much needed things about the place, so it’s all good so far.