Apart from issues with a couple of tenants, we’ve also had one of our places on the market.  Basically, we’re looking to buy bigger properties, they have better capital growth and also better rental return, and so we’ve made the decision to divest ourselves of one of our one-bedroom apartments.  Well, I got up this morning to an email asking that I ‘contact them ASAP’ re: the apartment and, to cut a longish story short – we’ve got a fully signed and sealed contract for it!

While I’ve bought a few properties now (six, at last count, over the years) I’ve never sold one before by myself.  It was therefore pretty stressful making sure all the docs were correct, properly signed/witnessed etc.  I came home afterwards and crashed face-first into bed for a much-needed sleep.  But hey, now it’s done!  And this means we can go ahead and make an offer on a place we’ve already spied as a nice little doer-upper.  😀  Yes, I am a glutton for punishment.  And so is C, apparently – he suggested we put in an offer today, which I’ve emailed to the agent.  We’ll see what happens now (apart from having to fit a nervous breakdown into the upcoming weekend, of course).