It’s been a full-on week.  Work has been ridiculous, and there’s been so much happening with the apartment we’re selling, and the two (yes, two) we’re looking at buying – just incredibly busy.  I’ve been sleeping badly as a result.  One thing about my mental health – it affects my sleep.  If there’s lots going on, it disrupts my sleep.  I end up waking up and thinking about stuff for hours on end in the middle of the night.  This has been happening all week, so it’s been a tiring few days, as well as busy.

Still, things are going well.  We have new tenants moving into one of our units tomorrow, and everything is under control there.  I even managed to slap a fresh coat of paint over all the walls.  It makes such a difference, it looks so fresh and clean.  One of these days we might even try this in our own home. <rolls eyes at self>

I had a very long nap today, nearly four hours, but have woken up and feel a bit better.  I’ve even baked my famous carrot cake recipe.  I made it with gluten-free flour, so we can give it to my father in law, who has coeliac.  I just did a straight swap of the normal self-raising flour with gluten-free SR flour, which I haven’t tried before, so I’m hoping it works out okay.  I guess we’ll find out tomorrow when we try it.  My FIL is miserable since he was diagnosed with coeliac, and it makes his day whenever I cook something he can eat.

I even have plans to make buttermilk pancakes for dinner tonight.  Yes, that’s right – dinner.  I won’t have the time tomorrow morning to make them and cook them, so tonight it is.  And as I explained to C, I have to use up the buttermilk, it would be a terrible waste just to throw it out 😉