It’s been a good day.  Despite my ongoing anxiety issues, I’ve managed to get a few things done, which has been great.  We had to inspect one of our properties this morning, which was okay.  Not pristine, but okay.  Definitely a hell of a lot better than it was two weeks ago, so that’s the main thing I guess.  After that, we did the food shopping, together.  Without arguments/getting stressed.  This sounds minor, but trust me it’s not.  Neither of us like crowds, or food shopping for that matter.  But we seem to be getting better at it, finally.

I had a great nap (about three hours) and then got up and cooked roast beef and vegies for dinner, which was really good.  C was very impressed.  He loves it when I cook.  Unfortunately that’s about once or twice a week.  I work on the premise that the scarcity of my cooking increases its perceived value.  C has done nothing so far to disprove this 😉

In other news, we put an offer in on a property this week, which was accepted.  We met with our adorable finance broker to look at the finances, and he confirmed that finance won’t be a problem.  Yay!  All we have to do now is hope our sale goes through okay.  Finance is supposed to be approved by Monday, and as of Friday afternoon it hadn’t been, so we may have to do an extension of contract.  Not really sure how to do that, but hopefully I’ll work it out, otherwise the contract is null and void.

If tomorrow’s fine, we may get out in the garden.  We’ve done a bit of work in it over the last month or so, and now there’s only a couple of garden beds that need weeding.  The only thing is, it’s getting COLD out there.  This is a major disincentive to doing outside work, I can tell you.  Still, if good intentions count for anything, we’ve already earned some brownie points 😉