I’m so proud of C and me.  We weeded all Sunday afternoon, then last night for an hour, then tonight for an hour.  Not bad for two slobs who normally come home and sleep and play on the computer respectively.  And the garden’s looking SO much better – only one garden bed is left out the front to finish, and a larger one out the back, and we’re done.

This is handy, as we’ll have to have our properties valued shortly.  The buyer of our apartment was approved for finance on Monday, so the sale will now be happening no matter what.  This means, in turn, that our purchase of another apartment will be going ahead (part of our offer was conditional that we sold our property).  So for the bank to work out our financial position, our properties will all need to be valued.  We’ve learned from experience that a neat garden, even if it’s not exactly the Versailles, makes a big difference to the price of a property.  (And trust me, ours isn’t.  We’re not devoted gardeners, by any means.  It pretty much stops at weed-pulling.)

It’s been a busy week at work already.  I had to give videotaped evidence today on a disciplinary matter.  I’d been involved with it very early on, then realised how serious it was, and passed it to the correct section to handle.  As a result, I was an interviewee rather than an interviewer.  It was bizarre, especially when the interviewer contacted me and requested a video of some of what I had to say as well.  I’d love to think this guy could be done on criminal charges but it’s not very likely.  I was so glad when it was over, I hate being recorded, the voice recording during the initial interview was bad enough.  It doesn’t help that I’m so far from photogenic that it’s not funny.  The camera actively hates me.  This only made me more nervous.  Still, it’s over now.  Hopefully I’ll sleep better tonight (I woke up last night, probably from stressing about the videotaping).