I’ve got to go on a work trip tomorrow, to do some training.  I don’t mind training; even though it’s tiring, it’s rewarding.  The fact I train on stuff that is close to my heart (equal opportunity legislation and bullying) is a bonus.  I really enjoy watching people’s minds almost visibly broadening.  Particularly in the regions, where men are men and women are babymakers.  I am going regional tomorrow, so I get to see the looks on their faces through my training session.  It’s always interesting, to say the least 😉

However, I’m not travelling alone.  Nor am I travelling with my darling husband.  No, I’m travelling with a work colleague, a guy I’ll call Sleazoid, primarily because he is.  A sleaze, that is.  He’s about ten years older than me, in his mid-forties, and he thinks he’s all that.  And look, he probably was cute about fifteen years ago, but now he’s just a broken down middle-aged man who has the archaic view that all women are, is a life support system for a vagina.  He accordingly propositions any female who is between 16 and 65 who is vaguely attractive.

We were having a discussion last week and he actually tried to convince me that he is primarily attracted by women’s ‘characters’.  Yeah, if their ‘characters’ are at least a size D.  It bugs me even more that he thinks he can palm this crap off on to me, while looking at my boobs, and thinking I’m not going to notice.  I can’t decide if he’s blind or stupid.  Or both, maybe.

Anyhow, I’m going to try to avoid him as much as possible, and enjoy the good parts of my trip.  Wish me luck.  And him, he might need it if he wants to make it back alive.