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As you may have guessed, I’m still crook.  Unwell.  Poorly, as C’s stepmum would say.  I’ve had the entire week off work, for which my boss no doubt wants to hang, draw and quarter me.  This was not the week to be sick at work, but what could I do?  I picked a few things up from the shops yesterday, and I had to sit down like the pensioners do on a bench seat.  I was shaking from having to carry five things and walk to and from the car.  It was embarrassing.

Anyhow, I’m slowly getting over it.  Very slowly.  I am feeling better from day to day.  It’s just taking way too long for my liking.

In other news, it’s C’s birthday on Monday.  I remember six years ago, when C turned thirty, his birthday was on a Monday then too.  I remember it clearly because we went away for a week down south, to the place where we ended up getting married.  Good times 🙂  Anyhow, before we left, we had breakfast out with his dad and stepmum.  I remember it like it was last week, not six years ago.  It seems hard to believe that six years has gone by.  We’re both a little bit older, a little bit heavier, but that’s it, really.  He’s still just as cute as he was 😉


Oh man.  I was still feeling revolting yesterday, so took myself back to the doc’s today.  She’s getting me checked for the flu, and given me a few more days off work.  Terrible timing, there’s heaps going on that needs to be sorted out, but what can you do?  I’m so tired that I was falling asleep on the drive back from the doctor’s surgery, and my appointment was first thing this morning.  There’s no way I could go in to work like this.  Plus, I’m still highly infectious.  Nice.  The doc made sure to warn me to stay away from C, as he could easily catch this and really, he doesn’t need that.  Fortunately I’ve been sleeping in the spare room, and he doesn’t appear to have caught it yet.  Fingers crossed.

It’s difficult to understand mentalism unless you live with it.

”I Had an Appointment Today’ and Musing on Why We Hate the BPD Diagnosis’, The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive

I really enjoy Seaneen Molloy’s writing.  Even though she’s coming from a different place to me (both literally and figuratively), her posts strike a chord, particularly in her discussion of mental illness.  However when I read the line above from her latest post, I had two immediate reactions to it.

The first was: she’s right.  I could never have understood what clinical depression was prior to experiencing it.  I had no idea about the physical impact it has, or the cognitive functioning that is lost.  No idea.  I think unless you’ve been there yourself, you can’t understand how debilitating and all-encompassing mentalness is.

The second thought was: hell, most days even I don’t understand mentalism, and I do live with it.  Why is it some days are easy, and some are hell?  Why do I feel great one day, then shit the next?  Am I recovering, or just bouncing around randomly like a pinball?  After four years, I still don’t know the answers.  I hardly know the questions.  The only thing I am aware of is that nobody else knows the answers either.

Yep, I did end up getting a cold.  Not a big issue usually, but unfortunately this is one with a bit of a twist.  Instead of just the usual (runny eyes/nose, feeling like crap etc) this one comes with a nasty tickly feeling in your throat, meaning that all you want to do is cough to get rid of the bloody thing.  Still, it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever had.  (For the record, that would be major depression.)

I’ve managed to avoid passing it on to C so far.  He’s immunocompromised due to the form of arthritis he has (ankylosing spondylitis).  Speaking of which, he’s in the local hospital this morning for his usual six-weekly infusion.  He gets 400ml of a drug called infliximab (also known as remicade) every six weeks.  Fortunately he responds really well to it, no nasty side effects, or at least none that he’s aware of.  He did try another drug a while back instead which apparently gets rave reviews.  It didn’t work so well for him.  Apart from me having to do the injections for him every couple of days (which I hated doing) he rapidly started losing mobility and getting ongoing discomfort, so luckily his quack put him back on to the infliximab, which works a treat.

Wow, listen to us….. sounds like if we were horses, we’d be heading for the knackery.

God, so tired.  I think I’m coming down with a head cold, I have a very sore throat and generally am not feeling quite right.  Oh well, at least it’s an appropriate time of year to get a cold.

Very busy last week, and so was the weekend.  I actually cooked on Sunday (roast beef & vegies, yum!) and C cooked on Saturday night (his standard meal, pan-fried fish and vegies).  We did some house cleaning, plus I did laundry and cleaned both bathrooms, plus did some ironing for the week.  I even managed to have a nap on both days. 

I continued my good form by getting home from work tonight and making two pillow slips for C’s pillow.  He has a big, curvy, strangely-shaped one, that no standard pillow case will fit.  Of course, this gives me an additional opportunity whereby I can prove my wifely devotion.  Ha.  Anyhow, I made two, which will sort him out for a while.  He does tend to wear them to pieces, due to the fact he only shaves 2-3 times a week, and that in the mornings, so he rips them in the night with his beard growth.

So sleepy…. I think I’m going to have a nap.  Or maybe just a really early night.

That was… surprisingly easy.

We put our apartment on the market for sale mid-week – maybe Wednesday?  Anyhow, got one call from a guy who wanted to have a look.  He had a look today, and wants to buy it, only a bit under our asking price.  (And no, before you start wondering, the asking price was appropriate… if anything it was a bit optimistic.)  So yeah, one phone call and one viewing and it’s sold.  Subject to approval of finance of course, but I suspect that’s not going to be an issue.  We’re all signing the contract tomorrow morning at his place, where his parents will witness the documentation – then on to settlement.

That really was easy.  I don’t know, maybe we’ve just been incredibly lucky, or had a good product.  But to sell two apartments when we’ve only had to show to three people (total), it’s just been a dream.  And this time has been a hell of a lot easier from my perspective – I’ve been on top of all the required paperwork, it’s just been so much more straightforward, having just sold the last one, it’s all still fresh in my mind.

I still can’t get over how easy it’s been to sell both units.  It just blows my mind.

Well, a lot can happen in a week.

C’s stepgranddad passed away.  The funeral will be on Monday, at 11:30am, right in the middle of our work day.  D’oh!  This probably sounds heartless, but C has never had any time for his stepgranddad, who always gave C’s granny a hard time.  It’s sad, but no-one will really miss him.

We did end up putting in an offer on the property C found, too.  Went along, had a look, thought about it, and started negotiating.  It needs a lick of paint but otherwise just need furniture and it’ll be ready to go.  As a result of putting an offer in on this one, we’ve decided to sell our last remaining single-bedroom unit.  So at this point in time, we’re selling one single-bed unit (settling this coming Tuesday); in the throes of buying a two-bedroom unit (finance needs to be approved by end of this month, valuations for it happened today); just put an offer in on another two-bed unit, and just put our final single-bed unit on the market for sale.  That’s a lot of real estate stuff going on, especially as we’ve sold the two one-bedroom units ourselves.  This has saved heaps of money and I’ve found it to be really satisfying (I’ve been the one dealing with paperwork, viewings etc).

Yes, so lots is happening.  Of course, this has almost inevitably led to me coming down with a bug.  I woke up today with a sore throat and headache, so I called in sick.  Yeah I know, I’m not a hero.  But it was horrible weather, and I felt like shite, and I was glad I didn’t go in.  Hopefully I’ll be feeling more sprightly by Sunday, as we’re supposed to be seeing a movie with our friends G and V (who we had over to dinner last weekend).  We don’t see enough of them and I’d love to catch up again.

Well, the trip went okay.  Sleazoid behaved himself, which was a wise choice.  And I came home to a husband who had cleaned up the house and was cooking dinner for me.  Doesn’t get much better, does it? Maybe I should go away more often 😉

We had a flat-out day yesterday.  Friends of ours were coming over for dinner, so we cleaned the house really thoroughly.  Around midday we actually had a break, and went to look at a home open.  We own a couple of units in the same apartment complex, and C noticed the other day that another one was on the market.  Anyhow, we went along and had a good look.  At this stage it looks like we may put an offer in on it, but we’ll see. 

That took a bit of time out of our cleaning schedule, but we got lunch as well while we were out, so it was a multi-purpose break.  Then when we got back, I had a bit of a snooze, then got up to start the cooking side of things.  I did roasted chicken breasts with rosemary and proscuitto, and steamed vegies.  For dessert, I made individual lemon puddings.  I’d never made these before, and fortunately they worked, and as a bonus, tasted fantastic.  Phew!  Our friends G and V are foodies, so while they would have been very forgiving if the food hadn’t been all that great, I do prefer to serve up something that is really nice, and the dinner worked out well.

We had a fantastic night, lots of wine, laughter and discussion.  When G and V left, C and I actually did the dishes (we don’t have a dishwasher, so this is usually a lengthy process).  When I got up this morning, the kitchen was spotless, and so was the rest of the house.  I think we should have people over every weekend if it’s going to motivate us like this to clean.

One thing I did notice was that my mental health was good.  In the past, something like having friends over for dinner has caused a lot of stress and anxiety.  Is the house clean enough?  Will the food be okay?  But last night (and all of yesterday) I just felt excited that we were going to see G and V.  It’s such a good feeling.