Well, the trip went okay.  Sleazoid behaved himself, which was a wise choice.  And I came home to a husband who had cleaned up the house and was cooking dinner for me.  Doesn’t get much better, does it? Maybe I should go away more often 😉

We had a flat-out day yesterday.  Friends of ours were coming over for dinner, so we cleaned the house really thoroughly.  Around midday we actually had a break, and went to look at a home open.  We own a couple of units in the same apartment complex, and C noticed the other day that another one was on the market.  Anyhow, we went along and had a good look.  At this stage it looks like we may put an offer in on it, but we’ll see. 

That took a bit of time out of our cleaning schedule, but we got lunch as well while we were out, so it was a multi-purpose break.  Then when we got back, I had a bit of a snooze, then got up to start the cooking side of things.  I did roasted chicken breasts with rosemary and proscuitto, and steamed vegies.  For dessert, I made individual lemon puddings.  I’d never made these before, and fortunately they worked, and as a bonus, tasted fantastic.  Phew!  Our friends G and V are foodies, so while they would have been very forgiving if the food hadn’t been all that great, I do prefer to serve up something that is really nice, and the dinner worked out well.

We had a fantastic night, lots of wine, laughter and discussion.  When G and V left, C and I actually did the dishes (we don’t have a dishwasher, so this is usually a lengthy process).  When I got up this morning, the kitchen was spotless, and so was the rest of the house.  I think we should have people over every weekend if it’s going to motivate us like this to clean.

One thing I did notice was that my mental health was good.  In the past, something like having friends over for dinner has caused a lot of stress and anxiety.  Is the house clean enough?  Will the food be okay?  But last night (and all of yesterday) I just felt excited that we were going to see G and V.  It’s such a good feeling.