Well, a lot can happen in a week.

C’s stepgranddad passed away.  The funeral will be on Monday, at 11:30am, right in the middle of our work day.  D’oh!  This probably sounds heartless, but C has never had any time for his stepgranddad, who always gave C’s granny a hard time.  It’s sad, but no-one will really miss him.

We did end up putting in an offer on the property C found, too.  Went along, had a look, thought about it, and started negotiating.  It needs a lick of paint but otherwise just need furniture and it’ll be ready to go.  As a result of putting an offer in on this one, we’ve decided to sell our last remaining single-bedroom unit.  So at this point in time, we’re selling one single-bed unit (settling this coming Tuesday); in the throes of buying a two-bedroom unit (finance needs to be approved by end of this month, valuations for it happened today); just put an offer in on another two-bed unit, and just put our final single-bed unit on the market for sale.  That’s a lot of real estate stuff going on, especially as we’ve sold the two one-bedroom units ourselves.  This has saved heaps of money and I’ve found it to be really satisfying (I’ve been the one dealing with paperwork, viewings etc).

Yes, so lots is happening.  Of course, this has almost inevitably led to me coming down with a bug.  I woke up today with a sore throat and headache, so I called in sick.  Yeah I know, I’m not a hero.  But it was horrible weather, and I felt like shite, and I was glad I didn’t go in.  Hopefully I’ll be feeling more sprightly by Sunday, as we’re supposed to be seeing a movie with our friends G and V (who we had over to dinner last weekend).  We don’t see enough of them and I’d love to catch up again.