That was… surprisingly easy.

We put our apartment on the market for sale mid-week – maybe Wednesday?  Anyhow, got one call from a guy who wanted to have a look.  He had a look today, and wants to buy it, only a bit under our asking price.  (And no, before you start wondering, the asking price was appropriate… if anything it was a bit optimistic.)  So yeah, one phone call and one viewing and it’s sold.  Subject to approval of finance of course, but I suspect that’s not going to be an issue.  We’re all signing the contract tomorrow morning at his place, where his parents will witness the documentation – then on to settlement.

That really was easy.  I don’t know, maybe we’ve just been incredibly lucky, or had a good product.  But to sell two apartments when we’ve only had to show to three people (total), it’s just been a dream.  And this time has been a hell of a lot easier from my perspective – I’ve been on top of all the required paperwork, it’s just been so much more straightforward, having just sold the last one, it’s all still fresh in my mind.

I still can’t get over how easy it’s been to sell both units.  It just blows my mind.