Yep, I did end up getting a cold.  Not a big issue usually, but unfortunately this is one with a bit of a twist.  Instead of just the usual (runny eyes/nose, feeling like crap etc) this one comes with a nasty tickly feeling in your throat, meaning that all you want to do is cough to get rid of the bloody thing.  Still, it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever had.  (For the record, that would be major depression.)

I’ve managed to avoid passing it on to C so far.  He’s immunocompromised due to the form of arthritis he has (ankylosing spondylitis).  Speaking of which, he’s in the local hospital this morning for his usual six-weekly infusion.  He gets 400ml of a drug called infliximab (also known as remicade) every six weeks.  Fortunately he responds really well to it, no nasty side effects, or at least none that he’s aware of.  He did try another drug a while back instead which apparently gets rave reviews.  It didn’t work so well for him.  Apart from me having to do the injections for him every couple of days (which I hated doing) he rapidly started losing mobility and getting ongoing discomfort, so luckily his quack put him back on to the infliximab, which works a treat.

Wow, listen to us….. sounds like if we were horses, we’d be heading for the knackery.