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Things are going well.  I’ve had a good weekend so far.  Yesterday I did a whole heap of running around – food shopping, cleaning, cooking – and ended up having C’s dad and stepmum over for dinner.  I did chicken and roast vegies, with individual lemon puddings for dessert.  C’s dad is gluten intolerant, and he was delighted with the puddings, which apart from being gluten-free, tasted fantastic.  It turns out most gluten-free stuff tastes dodgy, so he was over the moon.

Today we both woke up early, and I spent three hours out in the garden, weeding, pruning and fertilising.  C joined me after about an hour, and he weeded and hedge-trimmed.  Our front garden now looks respectable, which our neighbours will be happy about.

I’m a bit antsy at the moment.  We’re expecting to settle on one of the properties some time this week.  A date has not been confirmed yet, but the original date was 31 August, so I’m hoping that it will be late this week that it goes through.  At this stage of proceedings I’m always jumpy.  Basically, I have heaps of ideas as to what we can do to the property, but we have to wait.  I hate waiting, and I just want to get in there and start painting/cleaning/moving in furniture etc.


Well, life has been busy.  My mental health has also taken a dive in the last couple of days.  Not really sure why – there were triggers, but nothing really major.  It was all definitely compounded by getting less than four hours’ sleep last night.  My biggest trigger by far is insufficient sleep, and four hours doesn’t cut it in any language.  That said, anything less than about 14 hours for me is ‘insufficient’, so this is clearly a subjective measure.

So yes, haven’t been the best.  Work is a bit all over the place, both figuratively and literally.  I just moved office yesterday, plus I’m in a different job for a couple of months.  We have training that needs to be rolled out, and I’m the Chosen One to do it.  Fortunately I’ll have assistance, otherwise I think my mental health would be well and truly down the toilet given the time frames etc. that have been determined.

We have a final pre-settlement inspection tomorrow night at 5pm, and a potential tenant coming by to view one of our properties at the same time.  I can definitely see the benefits in owning multiple properties in the same complex.

Ugh.  Brain not working.  I think I’m going to have a shower and go to bed.  Tomorrow is another, hopefully better, day.

It’s all been happening here.  After lots of delays, I got a phone call today saying that our finance has been approved for both apartments we want to purchase.  This is a good thing, especially as I’ve already started buying stuff for them.  😀  What kind of stuff?  Beds, dining tables and chairs, towels, a whole assortment of things.  It’s one of the most fun parts of property investing, getting all the gear to set them up.

I’m also in the throes of organising tenants for two of our rentals – one a current property, and one that we’re buying (the tenants don’t need to move in until the end of September, by which time we’ll own it).  That’s taking up a bit of time also, back and forth with emails and questions.  However it looks like we’ll be getting a good rental return, and so it’s all worth it.  One thing I’ve learned though is that nothing’s in the bag until it’s confirmed, so we’ll see what eventuates.

In amongst all this, I’ve been busy at work, with lots of stuff happening that needs to be sorted out.  It’s keeping me out of trouble anyhow, which my boss would be glad to know.  I struggled a bit last week, and ended up having Friday off, as I couldn’t shake the lingering effects of the flu.  However I’m feeling a lot better this week, and more able to get on top of things.

C’s birthday last week went well.  He got thoroughly spoiled, although we didn’t do anything special on the actual day as I was still very unwell.  But he was treated like a king, and got some great birthday presents, so he was happy 🙂

C and I don’t have pets.  Unless you count the spiders building cobweb castles around our architraves, that is.  The reason is not that we don’t like animals, or that we can’t be bothered with the burden of pet care.  Unfortunately, C is allergic to just about anything organic.  His allergies start with the usual suspects – dogs, cats, birds – and range through to the microscopic (dust mites, cockroach poo (?!)) and on to the inanimate (dust, various grasses and pollens, etc etc).  When he initially was assessed, about four years ago now, he had a grid of 24 squares drawn up on his arm, with each square representing a different potential allergen.  All 24 squares showed a reaction.  His specialist asked us if we had pets, and we said no.  He then said, well, don’t get any; the misery won’t be worth it.

So yes, we are pet-free.  This is incredibly sad, as I grew up with animals, and C also loves them.  If I were single, I would happily reinforce the crazy single cat lady stereotype.  But we have been very restrained and have held off from getting pets thus far.

However, we recently realised that one of our neighbours has acquired a kitten.  The same people already have another full-grown cat, two dogs, and who knows how many birds.  (If C’s specialist knew all this, he would probably tell us to move house.)  But the latest addition to the family is a small female tabby who is enquiring, affectionate, loving, and generally just completely adorable. 

We first met her a couple of months ago now, when she was very young and full of beans.  While she is still playful, she’s gotten physically bigger and temperamentally calmer in the intervening time.  The three of us have spent a lot of quality time together, particularly in the last few weeks, and it’s got to the point where we get home from work of an evening, put our gear inside, and head out to the backyard.  As soon as she hears us, she scales the fence and comes running up for pats and attention.  She is the sweetest-natured cat I’ve ever met, and so affectionate she’s almost doglike.  I’ll garden for a couple of hours at a time, and she’ll just hang out with me, alternately relaxing and running like a maniac around after leaves, bugs, and birds who are stupid enough to tease her.  She just loves company.

It’s clear I’m in love.  And so is C, for that matter.  He spends hours patting her, teasing her, and generally ending up covered in hives from his cat allergy.  But he says it’s worth it.