Things are going well.  I’ve had a good weekend so far.  Yesterday I did a whole heap of running around – food shopping, cleaning, cooking – and ended up having C’s dad and stepmum over for dinner.  I did chicken and roast vegies, with individual lemon puddings for dessert.  C’s dad is gluten intolerant, and he was delighted with the puddings, which apart from being gluten-free, tasted fantastic.  It turns out most gluten-free stuff tastes dodgy, so he was over the moon.

Today we both woke up early, and I spent three hours out in the garden, weeding, pruning and fertilising.  C joined me after about an hour, and he weeded and hedge-trimmed.  Our front garden now looks respectable, which our neighbours will be happy about.

I’m a bit antsy at the moment.  We’re expecting to settle on one of the properties some time this week.  A date has not been confirmed yet, but the original date was 31 August, so I’m hoping that it will be late this week that it goes through.  At this stage of proceedings I’m always jumpy.  Basically, I have heaps of ideas as to what we can do to the property, but we have to wait.  I hate waiting, and I just want to get in there and start painting/cleaning/moving in furniture etc.