After hours and hours of slaving away, we finished our latest little project today.  After our latest property became ours, we basically spent every waking hour there, painting, cleaning, installing stuff, moving in furniture, and generally acting like busy little bees.  We had our first proper viewing today at 4pm, and it looks like we have tenants moving in this coming Friday.  Whew!

There were, of course, a few hiccups along the way…. such as finding out at 1pm today that the king single bedframe was actually a single bedframe.  Luckily, we had a spare single mattress at home, so C and his dad went and got it.  I’ve never been so glad to have a formal lounge room that is a furniture dumping ground before. 

It all looks good, I think we’ve rented it out, and our hard work has paid off.  I’d write more, but am about to pass out from sheer exhaustion.  More later in the week.