After a few days’ break, we are renovating again.  The timing of the purchase of these two properties hasn’t been ideal – it would have been nice to have more of a break, especially as I only had a day or so where I was off work.  This meant we spent a lot of our weekend and after work time doing renos.

And of course the same thing has happened with this one.  I can’t take any time off work at the moment, either – I’m heavily involved in a legal case that’s taking up all my time and energy, and I also have not one, but two new people starting who I’ll be directly responsible for.  One of them starts this week.  So no time off for me.

Plus my mother is getting married on the 15th of October, in a small country town that’s a two-hour drive away.  The whole family (Mum, her other half, myself and brother and our partners, plus her other half’s five kids, their partners and the grandkids) have the whole weekend booked in the small town.  This will be lovely, but it’s rotten timing.

We had an unfortunate event occur earlier this week.  We’d just got home from work when my mobile rang.  It was one of the tenants from our new property.  He’d called to say he couldn’t get in the kitchen door when he got home from work – as one of the wall cupboards had pulled out from the wall, and everything was blocking the door.  C wasn’t happy about it, as he installed those cupboards.  As I said to C though, we have had a very good run with our renos, and we’ve had remarkably little go wrong with them, it was bound to happen at some point.  He wasn’t convinced though 😉

Oh well, these things are sent to try us I guess!  At least it’s keeping me out of trouble.

Work is still going well, if somewhat stressful.  I am starting to find that the CEO and the legal guy have different views on stuff.  This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but neither of them will call the other, meaning I need to try to explain each of them to the other.  This is exhausting and stressful.  But we’re getting stuff done, and it’s all going well so far.

I can’t wait until I can actually kick back and relax.  Roll on November.