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On Thursday this week, I cracked.  I went back to the doctor, and demanded antibiotics.  I took the first one on Thursday evening.  When I woke up today (Saturday) my sore throat was just about gone.  I spent the whole day running around, getting stuff done, and feeling human for the first time in over a fortnight.  I didn’t even need any painkillers or cold and flu tablets – I had a nap, but that’s par for the course with me, sick or well.  Thank god for drugs.

I actually managed to get myself organised for my friend’s wedding on the 13th November.  I had the dress, but needed appropriate underwear (both knickers and bra), shoes, and a purse.  Got the whole lot today in a whirlwind of shopping.  Now I’m feeling proud of myself.  I also did food shopping, ran around for the property we’re renovating, and cooked dinner – roast beef with vegies.  C was very complimentary 🙂 

Yes, so finally things are looking up.  I can’t believe what a difference it’s made to my general outlook, feeling better already.  Again, thank god for drugs!


Okay.  Not fair.  I woke up today with my eyelids glued together.  It’s probably been 25 years since I had conjunctivitis, but it’s unmistakable.  I went back to the quack, who apart from confirming my diagnosis, informed me that the bug I have is taking around two weeks to get over.  This sucks and I’m completely over it.

Guess who isn’t a good patient? 😉

Saw the quack yesterday, who informed me that I’d probably be off work the rest of this week.  Fantastic, just what I need with a new employee trying to settle in.  Oh well. 

She checked out my throat and was like, ‘Youch, I bet that hurts!’ Uh huh.  Then she asked how long I’d been unwell, symptoms etc.  I gave details and she said, ‘So, do you have a cough yet?’ ‘Um, no…’ ‘You will.’  That was when she told me that this particular virus starts as a nasty throat then morphs into a head cold with a chesty cough. 

As of this morning, the morphing had occurred.  I’ve been hacking up my lungs ever since I woke up.

I guess, if nothing else, I can always do our tax paperwork for the 09/10 financial year….. then again, maybe I can just sleep.  Mmmm, sleep.

Hoo boy. The month of hell has come to an end.  After the two weeks of flat out work stuff, the non-work stuff – namely, my mum getting married – is also finished.  It all went very well.  She was stressing out big time before the ceremony, so I cracked a bottle of champagne and gave her half a glass.  It was just enough to take the edge off, thank goodness. 

The wedding was beautiful, aided by my flute playing before and after the ceremony, and my witnessing the happy union.  The reception also went well, aided by my speech (with one of J’s kids) to the bride and groom.  J also wanted me to do a reading during the wedding but I persuaded him that I already featured plenty in the program, and to spread it around his kids a bit.  I feel like if I’d been a guy, I would’ve conducted the wedding as well.  My brother got off fairly lightly, as he only had to give Mum away.  Good for him.  I was tempted to say in my speech that we didn’t want her back, but in the spirit of a relaxed family gathering I let it go.  Good for a few cheap laughs, but probably not worth the fallout.

The reception was great, very relaxed with lovely food, at a local bed and breakfast.  C and I had a room with an ensuite, with stunning views to the ocean and the forest.  It was just beautiful.  I spent some time sitting outside on the balcony, just taking in the scenery.  It was so peaceful and relaxing.  Both mornings there was a fantastic continental and cooked breakfast, where I managed to restrain myself to a croissant, while C splurged out on the big breakfast.

The day after the wedding, C and I, together with my brother and his fiance, went exploring.  We started off in Dunsborough, getting some much-needed petrol, plus supplies for the cold I developed overnight (strepsils, tissues, cold and flu tablets etc).  Then we went to the Margaret River Chocolate Factory, where C and I spent far too much on lots of goodies.  Some of the stuff we did buy for his dad and stepmum, it wasn’t all for us!  We also sat down in the cafe for a bit and had hot chocolate drinks.  After that, we went on to Olio Bello, where we sampled various goodies and also had lunch.  I bought one of my work friends some marinaded olives, which I hope she’ll like – she’s a savoury person not a sweet person, and she’s always buying me little treats, so I wanted to bring something back for her.

After that, we went back to the B&B and all had a nap.  Dinner that night was a family affair, consisting of woodfired pizzas cooked by Carlo, one of the owners of the B&B.  By this stage my cold had set in and I felt like crap, but I did manage to eat a bit and enjoy talking to different people.

The next morning we all had breakfast, then headed off back to Perth.  I dozed most of the way home, then had a decent nap in the afternoon.  I guess the cold took it out of me.

C was back at work today, but fortunately I had organised to have the day off.  I spent it fairly productively, doing some food shopping and also picking up my bridesmaid dress for my friend M’s wedding on 13 November.  Plus of course, I had a nap.  It’s not a day off if I don’t have a sleep 😉

Oh my god.  The last two weeks have passed in a haze of work, court, going back to the office and doing more work, then going home and sleeping.  I’m completely exhausted.  I haven’t seen C to speak of, we haven’t communicated all this week except for one email I sent at 2am in the morning.  I’ve already told him I’m out for this weekend – I need to sleep and recover.

Mixed news with the renos – we’re having ongoing issues with the one we finished a few weeks back – the appliances keep breaking.  The current reno has turned into a bigger-than-Ben-Hur thing, with major works planned.

More later when I’m coherent.