Saw the quack yesterday, who informed me that I’d probably be off work the rest of this week.  Fantastic, just what I need with a new employee trying to settle in.  Oh well. 

She checked out my throat and was like, ‘Youch, I bet that hurts!’ Uh huh.  Then she asked how long I’d been unwell, symptoms etc.  I gave details and she said, ‘So, do you have a cough yet?’ ‘Um, no…’ ‘You will.’  That was when she told me that this particular virus starts as a nasty throat then morphs into a head cold with a chesty cough. 

As of this morning, the morphing had occurred.  I’ve been hacking up my lungs ever since I woke up.

I guess, if nothing else, I can always do our tax paperwork for the 09/10 financial year….. then again, maybe I can just sleep.  Mmmm, sleep.