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Well here we are.  Tonight is the night that Santa visits boys and girls and leaves them presents, if they’ve been good all year.  Or if they’ve been born into a first world country with an economically stable family life.

I have finished all my christmas shopping.  C isn’t getting anything spectacularly amazing this year – mostly clothes and various bits and pieces – but as he was asking me today at 11am what I wanted, I don’t feel too bad.  His dad and stepmum are sorted out, as are my Mum and J, her other half.  So now all we have to do is survive the family bombardment.

I hope that you are all safe and happy this festive season.  Look after yourselves, and each other.


One lot of tenants moved out on Thursday.  We didn’t have anyone to move in straight away, so C convinced me on Friday evening not to go and do my usual cleanup.  After all, there wasn’t any hurry, was there?  I allowed myself to be lulled into a false sense of security, and spend Friday evening being spoiled by C.

Anyhow, yesterday morning I got a phone call.  We had a prospective tenant who wanted to move in ASAP.  Guess who had to run around like a mad creature to get the property ready?!  Still, I got there in the end, the tenant took the property, and it was all neat and clean to a reasonable standard by the time he moved in.  I was knackered by the end of it, but it was definitely the fastest turnover of a property I’ve ever done.

In more news on properties, we had a pest inspection done of one of the others earlier this week.  I’d been concerned that we had bedbugs in it, but fortunately we don’t.  Not that I care, especially, but it’s an awfully expensive process to get the property sprayed – starts at about $1,000 – and it has to be repeated between 14 and 21 days later, to kill the eggs and break the life cycle.  So that was some extremely good news.

Work has been crap.  I left a training session on Friday because the officer in charge was being an ignorant pig.  I’m extremely patient (and a reasonably good trainer, if I do say so myself) but I’ve had enough of this crap.  Two more sessions, and I’m done with training.  And in some other work-related news, I have a contract for six months at another agency, starting early January.  I can’t wait.  I’m overdue for a new workplace.  The best part is, there will be no training involved.  Yay!!

I grew up with pets – dogs, guinea pigs (cavies), canaries.  I’m used to having them around, feeding them, worming them, and their general company.  C on the other hand never had pets.  The most he had was his dad and stepmum looked after a couple of stray cats.  Apart from being asthmatic, he’s allergic to dog and cat dander (and probably everything else, too), so having one ourselves is impractical.

However we seem to have ‘found’ a pet cat.  She’s actually next door’s cat.  They do look after her, but she’s one of four or five others, and in the five years we’ve been living here, we’ve never heard the owners actually talk to or make a fuss of any of them.  As a result, she spends a lot of time with us.

First thing in the morning, she appears at our back door, meowling for some attention.  I usually go outside and pat her while drinking my morning coffee.  Then I give her half a tiny can of tuna (she’s pretty skinny – while I’m sure they do feed her at home, I think the older cat, who is fat, eats his share and hers as well).  C might come out and throw the ball around for her a few times – she chases it and pounces on it, she thinks it’s the best game ever.

After work, she comes over again and has a pat or twenty from me, then plays with C and the ball, and may get some dry cat biscuits afterwards.  We’ve got to the point now where we can tell if she’s hungry (rather than just wanting food, which is different) so we don’t automatically feed her all the time.

She’s such a darling 😀  She’s probably about ten months old now, and she definitely loves us back.

This kind of stuff isn’t meant to happen

Rest in peace, Candice and Jellybean.

Yes, it’s true.  I am still alive.  Despite suffering from colds, flus, conjunctivitis, strep throat, two weddings, and two renovations – I have survived.  I’m now doing my best to avoid getting unwell in any way shape or form.  Every morning, I have two prozac tablets, one multivitamin, one iron tablet (ferretin), and one probiotic, all washed down with double-strength Berocca.  It doesn’t taste particularly flash, especially as the licorice flavour of the prozac tablets goes nastily with the Berocca, but I don’t care.  I will survive until January, festive season stresses be damned.

Otherwise, all is well.  C and I are finally doing some cleaning around our own house, for a change.  It’s so good.  We still have heaps to go, but very slowly, we’re getting there.  Today, for example, C is hanging up three pictures in our bedroom.  They were a present for my 30th birthday.  As an indicator, I’m turning 34 in a couple of weeks.  Better late than never 😉

I even saw my mum today.  She was in good form.  We trekked around her local shopping centre, alternately amused and horrified by the marauding Christmas-shopping crowds.  We got a few things done – I helped her with presents for C and myself, plus a few other family members, and we had some quality time together gossiping.  Plus, I finally got to see her wedding photos.  After that I went and saw my granny (on my mum’s side) and sat next to her, smiling, as she mumbled who-knows-what for an hour.  Fortunately other family members appeared, which broke up the monotony a bit.

As soon as C is finished hanging the pictures, I’m planning on a nice long afternoon nap. 😀