Yes, it’s true.  I am still alive.  Despite suffering from colds, flus, conjunctivitis, strep throat, two weddings, and two renovations – I have survived.  I’m now doing my best to avoid getting unwell in any way shape or form.  Every morning, I have two prozac tablets, one multivitamin, one iron tablet (ferretin), and one probiotic, all washed down with double-strength Berocca.  It doesn’t taste particularly flash, especially as the licorice flavour of the prozac tablets goes nastily with the Berocca, but I don’t care.  I will survive until January, festive season stresses be damned.

Otherwise, all is well.  C and I are finally doing some cleaning around our own house, for a change.  It’s so good.  We still have heaps to go, but very slowly, we’re getting there.  Today, for example, C is hanging up three pictures in our bedroom.  They were a present for my 30th birthday.  As an indicator, I’m turning 34 in a couple of weeks.  Better late than never 😉

I even saw my mum today.  She was in good form.  We trekked around her local shopping centre, alternately amused and horrified by the marauding Christmas-shopping crowds.  We got a few things done – I helped her with presents for C and myself, plus a few other family members, and we had some quality time together gossiping.  Plus, I finally got to see her wedding photos.  After that I went and saw my granny (on my mum’s side) and sat next to her, smiling, as she mumbled who-knows-what for an hour.  Fortunately other family members appeared, which broke up the monotony a bit.

As soon as C is finished hanging the pictures, I’m planning on a nice long afternoon nap. 😀