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Apart from the weather, all is going well.  I’m loving my new job, and I like my coworkers (at least, most of the time).  I’ve even worked out how to catch public transport to and from my new job, with minimal effort involved.  Yay!  I’m really hoping I get to stay at the new organisation.  Fingers crossed!

Mental health is going fantastically, needless to say.  I can’t believe the difference changing my job has made.  I’m calmer, happier, more easy going, and I’m sleeping better.  I even have energy to do stuff like house cleaning and dishes.  It’s just about a miracle.  I’ve been thinking that if I do get to stay with the current job, I might try very slowly easing off the antidepressants.  I’m currently on 40mg/day of fluoxetine (aka prozac) and I’m feeling really really good.  However we shall wait and see – a lot depends on where I’m working in six months’ time.

While everything work wise is going great, the weather has been not so good.  I said to my boss during the week, that it’s like we’ve all died and gone to hell.  38 degrees celsius (what’s that, 100F?), plus about 80% humidity is horribly uncomfortable.  And the nights aren’t helping either – more humid, if anything, and only dropping to about 25 or 26 degrees celsius (about 77F).  Shit, if I wanted to live in this weather, I’d be in Singapore – better food, public transport, and shopping.  The worst part of it is that it’s not just a few days we’re talking about here – try the last ten days; and the seven day forecast is for exactly the same.  Yucky. 

Our airconditioning is evaporative and it’s really struggling to cope with the heat and humidity.  We’ve had it all 24/7 for the last few days, and I’m still sitting here in my underwear, sweating, directly under a vent.  That said, it would be a lot more uncomfortable if we didn’t have it at all.  It’s times like these that I thank god we had air con installed in our rentals – our tenants would be cooking in this heat if there wasn’t air conditioning available.

Generally though, weather aside, all is well.  I’ve had a productive day already – all the food shopping done, loads of laundry done and hung out on the line (where it drys in about thirty seconds flat), kitchen clean, bathroom clean….. all that’s left for me to do now is have a nap 😀


If you’ve ever had a passing interest in Scientology, here’s an article about someone who was in it for 30+ years, and isn’t any longer.

I’ve been so slack, not keeping up with my blog.  Naughty me.  To be honest there’s been so much going on, I’ve been spending a lot of time sleeping.  (big surprise there, I’m sure!)  All the properties are going well – nice tenants who pay on time and look after them – so they’re all okay for the moment.  My new job is great, I’m settling in really well and very happy.  I’m hoping they’ll want to extend my contract or maybe even offer permanency, so fingers crossed.  I just cannot imagine ever getting stressed doing this kind of work.  C has noticed that I’m a lot happier too, which has made him happier as a bonus side effect.

Speaking of C, he’s been called in to work tonight.  Lots of important stuff going on and they decided they HAD to have him in.  He got the call early afternoon, and I just spoke to him – he should be home in an hour or so.  That’s about seven hours of overtime.  Looks like somebody will be able to make an extra mortgage payment this week 🙂

I’m slowly reconnecting with friends.  Even though I’m tired after work, I still have more energy and inclination to see people I haven’t seen for a while, including some of my good friends from high school.  That’s been really nice so far.

I’ve had a falling out with my mother.  She rang me up and berated me for being a horrible daughter, the day after she had us over for my birthday dinner.  I didn’t know what to say (and in fact I still don’t) and when I recounted the conversation to C, he couldn’t believe it.  So I’m basically not worrying about keeping in touch.  It’s not like ‘Oh, I’m not speaking to her’, it’s just that when she gets like this anything I say makes it worse, so I’m basically just laying low and not calling or emailing her voluntarily.  Much less stressful that way.  It’ll all sort itself out eventually.