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After trying to avoid catching C’s cold all last week, on Thursday I finally succumbed.  Off work Friday, off work today, and quite possibly off work tomorrow too.  Being sick sucks BIG HAIRY DONKEY BALLS.  I have a nasty suspicion that I’m coming down with a sinus infection, as well.  Snot isn’t meant to be grass green, is it?  Nope, that’s what I thought.  It’s only really just gone nasty overnight, so I’m trying out a home remedy – two tablespoons apple cider vinegar in a cup of water, skulled.  (Pretty much the only way you can drink it, trust me.)  Apparently the ACV has magical snot-thinning properties.  I’m just hoping for the best – I really don’t want to have to go on antibiotics again.


Life is good.  It’s a long weekend this weekend, which means that I get to have a nap three days in a row, yay!  And C found out yesterday that he got his job that he’d applied for.  It’s with the same organisation and he’s been acting in it for ages, but he actually will be properly appointed to it now, which is fantastic.  He’d been grumpy ever since the interview for it about three weeks ago, but now he (and I) can relax 🙂  To celebrate, we’re going out to dinner tonight to a local italian restaurant.  And he might even get lucky 😉 [okay sorry tmi there]

We’ve been contacted by someone who wants to rent our properties for a few different periods over the next couple of years.  It’ll be interesting to see if this works out or not.  There’s nothing like assured rental income to make property owners relax.

I’m so relaxed I’m even planning to cook a roast beef dinner tomorrow night.  I bought a lovely piece of topside today, and it was even on special – $5 off the marked price.  Not bad!  I still need to pick up the vegies but our local greegrocer is open seven days a week, so I don’t need to go out again today if I don’t want to.  Mmm I love roast beef and vegies – possibly my favourite dinner.

On that cheerful note, I need to hang out laundry.  A woman’s work, etc etc.