I just realised tonight that I have the BEST life.

I have a husband who, despite my many obvious (and not-so-obvious) failings, adores me.  I asked him last week if we could have my grandmother’s piano.  We would need to sell our substantial buffet, which stores heaps of stuff, to be able to have it.  He said to me, ‘If you want the piano, you can have the piano’.  On top of that, our relationship is based on mutual trust and respect for each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

I have friends who love me for whom I am – even when that means easily tired, grumpy, and self-absorbed.

I have family who would walk over fire for me.  My brother is somebody who I know will always be there if I need him.  My mother loves me too, as does my stepfather (bless him!).  My stepfather’s kids are also fantastic – all five of them.

I have a job which is interesting, challenging, and provides me with coworkers who are funny, intelligent, and great company.

My mental illness is currently in remission, and has been since the beginning of this year.

I have a GP who is great, and an absolutely wonderful psychiatrist.  This may not sound like much, but trust me, good medical assistance is worth its weight in platinum.

I am lucky enough to have a life partner who shares my dreams, hopes, values, and who thinks uncannily like I do.

I am so very lucky.