This has been a good weekend.  We had my brother and his fiancee over to dinner last night, to celebrate his birthday.  We’d normally go to Mum and J’s place, but they’re over east, and as my brother’s only sibling I felt like it would be nice if I did something.  So C and I spent all day cleaning, I cooked roast beef and vegies, and it all went so well they didn’t leave until 1am!  C and I were zonked!  But it was a great night, and my brother appreciated it, which was lovely 🙂

As a result of such a busy day and late night, I spent most of today sleeping – I was just shattered.  I had two naps, both about three hours long, and I only felt normal when I woke up from the second nap at about 6pm tonight.  And I won’t have any problems sleeping tonight, either.  Being tired is the key trigger for my depression, and I’ve learned that ridiculous amounts of sleep for normal people are sometimes necessary for me to keep functioning.

And tonight, after dinner, C asked me if I’d like to go down south next week, for five nights.  (We have a week of leave but we hadn’t made any specific plans for it.)  Of course I said yes, so he booked it online.  We’re going to a place called Harmony Forest in Margaret River, which is beautiful and isolated.  We actually got married there so it has lots of good memories for us both 🙂  So that will make our week off work extra special.  I’m looking forward to it already.