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Today’s been a bit of an odd one.  Got off to a flying start by doing a property turnover in record time – about two hours, with C’s help.  Admittedly it was already pretty clean to start off with, so I didn’t have to do stuff like clean the shower or oven, but even so, two hours is amazingly quick.  The need for speed was due to the previous tenants moving out late morning, and the new ones moving in in the early afternoon.  Mission accomplished 😉

I maintained the forward momentum when I got home and did several loads of laundry.  However I’m sitting here feeling…. well…. flat.  Not sure why.  I’m happy, I got heaps done, and New York has just legislated to approve same sex marriage.  Fantastic!  So I’m not quite sure what’s missing in my brain for my mood to be low.  Maybe my fluoxetine is getting to it the long way around, who knows.


I’m not feeling so good, either physically or mentally.  Physically I have a horrible feeling I’m coming down with something, or at the very least, fighting it off.  I’ve spent yesterday and today mostly asleep, with some housecleaning and ironing interspersed between naps.  However, I keep coughing in my sleep and feeling exhausted, despite sleeping about 18 hours out of 24.

Mentally, I’m feeling a bit on the numb side.  Not sure whether it’s linked to my physical health, but I suspect it is, at least partly.  Plus, it’s been a full-on week with work – I discovered that I’m only staying where I am for the next three months.  This makes me sad as I was hoping to stay there permanently; but never mind.  I guess I just need to look around and find a contingency plan (ie. a different job) in the next twelve weeks.

Sigh.  Back at the doc’s today.  Sure enough I’ve come down with another bug.  I’m so over being sick all the freaking time. 

While I was there, she ‘convinced’ me to get a pap smear done.  The whole time she was like, ‘You’re very small’.  I was tempted to make a smart comment but was too uncomfortable to risk laughing.  I don’t know what it is, I’m not a stresshead or anything and I know how to relax my pelvic floor muscles, but whenever I get a pap smear done, I walk funny for a couple of days afterwards.  Damn those speculums.  She did say I was very small and ended up using the smallest one.  How the hell can I be small – I’m 5’8″ with the classic child-bearing hips!  Sure enough, I waddled out of there sore and unhappy.  Still, that’s done with for another two years, and I can stop feeling guilty about not taking appropriate care of myself.  Plus, it’ll get C off my back.

Lots has been happening.  Specifically, my little brother got married a couple of weeks ago.  It went perfectly.  He and his other half had asked me to do a reading, which I was happy to do.  We gave them a lovely card, and a healthy cheque.  I had already asked them what they wanted, and they’d replied money, which we were happy to go with.

The properties are all behaving themselves, although somehow it’s happened that they’re now all falling vacant at the same time.  This isn’t an issue in terms of money, as I allow a fair buffer; but it does make doing turnovers HELL.  Nothing like cleaning four 2-bedroom apartments in one weekend, plus preparing all the paperwork for the new tenants!  Sucky doesn’t begin to describe it.  Oh well.

I have been crook for the last two weeks.  Some kind of flu bug, despite the fact I did get the flu injection a couple of months ago.  It really knocked me around and I’m still not feeling 100% by any means.  I actually had today off, even though I was back at work this week, as I woke up feeling crap, with a sore throat and earache.  Still, I did get a few things done – all the laundry, plus cleaned both bathrooms.  It makes for a good start to the weekend.