Lots has been happening.  Specifically, my little brother got married a couple of weeks ago.  It went perfectly.  He and his other half had asked me to do a reading, which I was happy to do.  We gave them a lovely card, and a healthy cheque.  I had already asked them what they wanted, and they’d replied money, which we were happy to go with.

The properties are all behaving themselves, although somehow it’s happened that they’re now all falling vacant at the same time.  This isn’t an issue in terms of money, as I allow a fair buffer; but it does make doing turnovers HELL.  Nothing like cleaning four 2-bedroom apartments in one weekend, plus preparing all the paperwork for the new tenants!  Sucky doesn’t begin to describe it.  Oh well.

I have been crook for the last two weeks.  Some kind of flu bug, despite the fact I did get the flu injection a couple of months ago.  It really knocked me around and I’m still not feeling 100% by any means.  I actually had today off, even though I was back at work this week, as I woke up feeling crap, with a sore throat and earache.  Still, I did get a few things done – all the laundry, plus cleaned both bathrooms.  It makes for a good start to the weekend.