Today’s been a bit of an odd one.  Got off to a flying start by doing a property turnover in record time – about two hours, with C’s help.  Admittedly it was already pretty clean to start off with, so I didn’t have to do stuff like clean the shower or oven, but even so, two hours is amazingly quick.  The need for speed was due to the previous tenants moving out late morning, and the new ones moving in in the early afternoon.  Mission accomplished 😉

I maintained the forward momentum when I got home and did several loads of laundry.  However I’m sitting here feeling…. well…. flat.  Not sure why.  I’m happy, I got heaps done, and New York has just legislated to approve same sex marriage.  Fantastic!  So I’m not quite sure what’s missing in my brain for my mood to be low.  Maybe my fluoxetine is getting to it the long way around, who knows.