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Firstly, YAY CADEL!  I’m so proud <sniff> <wipes tear away>

Another good day.  Ironed two business shirts for C, cleaned both bathrooms, changed linen on both beds, and finished off the laundry, including some white towels I bleached, so they’re actually white again.  C vacuumed the house and even wanted to sort out the front room (our ‘crap room’) until I had to tell him his birthday presents were in there, unwrapped.  I ended up wrapping them and even started cleaning up the loose paperwork that was in that room.  Baby steps, baby steps.

I had lots of naps and also spent lots of quality time with the cat.  She’s spending all her time with us now, and sleeping in her box we’ve given her every night.  She’s such a darling.  Even C has completely fallen under her spell.  On the way home from work, the topic of discussion inevitably ends up being, will the cat be there when we get home?  She usually is.  Coincidentally we do normally feed her not long after we get home, but I prefer to think she likes to see us as well  😀

We have two turnovers this week, one mid-week (move out Tuesday, move in Wednesday).  I’m going to see if I can take a day of annual leave on Wednesday, which will make things a lot easier.


It’s been a really good day.  I did the food shopping and also managed to do some ‘other’ shopping – C’s birthday is coming up, so I bought a couple  of shirts for my mum and J to give him, and some other stuff from me.  I also bought some new work shoes, after one heel on my current pair broke on Friday. 

After that I came home and had a nice nap, then got up and did some house stuff – did some laundry, weeded the back lawn, and cooked a cottage pie for dinner.  Actually I cooked two, so dinner for (probably) Tuesday is now sorted out as well.  I even managed to clean up the kitchen when I was cooking, an unusual feat for me.  (Unlike the stereotype, I’m a hopeless multitasker.  I’m basically an honorary man in that department.)

Now I’m sitting back, warm and clean (just had my shower) and I’m watching Cadel Evans put in the fight of his life for the 20th stage of the Tour de France.  I hope he wins!!  Hang in there Cadel, you have the whole country rooting for you 😀


As per usual it was a good weekend.  We broke with tradition and spent most of Saturday weeding our front garden beds.  On the rare occasion that we get outside, it’s usually on a Sunday afternoon, but for some reason this weekend it was Saturday.  I think part of it was the weather – it was just beautiful, about 19 degrees C and sunny.  Another part of it was that I just couldn’t live with the weeds any longer.  When they’re bigger than the plants, you know you have to do something.

Anyhow, I spent probably five hours out there, and C spent about two, so we got a fair bit done.  After we were over weeding, C sprayed the recalcitrant weeds (mostly couch grass runners that had got into the garden beds) and I fertilised various plants with Miracle Gro.  Should be interesting to see if it makes a difference.  I then outdid myself by going inside and cooking up a magnificent roast lamb dinner, complete with vegies.  Damn it was good!  There’s lots of lamb left over, so I can see what we’re going to be eating for the next few days.

We had great intentions of going to Bunnings and Landsdale Plants today, but as it turned out I was sore from all the unprecedented hard work yesterday.  C is calling me Gerry (as in, geriatric) and teasing me about being so unfit.  It’d be funny if it wasn’t true.  Still, it’s worth it, the garden looks so much less disreputable.  Now all we need to do is remove the 12 foot dead pine from the front of the house (I wish I was joking, but I’m not).

I’m pretty fortunate.  I’ve never had any problems with my ears, nose or throat, apart from the occasional sinus infection as a result of getting colds or the flu.  C, on the other hand, has had problems ever since I’ve known him.  Ongoing issues with breathing and post-nasal drip, together with significant snoring, led us to get C into a sleep clinic to be assessed.  Turns out he has moderately bad sleep apnoea.  We then tried four years of desensitisation injections.  Once a month, for four years, he got a subcutaneous injection in his arm.  The injection comprised extracts of stuff he’s allergic to – dust mites, cockroach poo (yes, really), various pollens and grasses.  Anyhow, four years on, and his breathing wasn’t significantly improved.

This led us to the next option available – sinus surgery.  He had a CT scan which showed he has chronic sinusitus, exacerbated by a pretty badly skewiff septum.  As a result, he ended up having sinus surgery yesterday.  He wasn’t too happy when he came out, so I asked the nurses nicely if they could do something, and they dosed him up with tramadol.  Yay for drugs, this worked a treat!  He’s home now and whilst he’s not overjoyed, it certainly went a lot better than we were both fearing.  His specialist was pleased, he said that there were a heap of polyps in his nasal passage which he removed, his septum is now straight, and he thinks C’s life will be improved immeasurably.  So, by extension, will my life.  I can’t wait to have a husband who’s full of the joy of life and gets a decent night’s sleep.  Thank god for medical intervention, that’s all I can say.