I’m pretty fortunate.  I’ve never had any problems with my ears, nose or throat, apart from the occasional sinus infection as a result of getting colds or the flu.  C, on the other hand, has had problems ever since I’ve known him.  Ongoing issues with breathing and post-nasal drip, together with significant snoring, led us to get C into a sleep clinic to be assessed.  Turns out he has moderately bad sleep apnoea.  We then tried four years of desensitisation injections.  Once a month, for four years, he got a subcutaneous injection in his arm.  The injection comprised extracts of stuff he’s allergic to – dust mites, cockroach poo (yes, really), various pollens and grasses.  Anyhow, four years on, and his breathing wasn’t significantly improved.

This led us to the next option available – sinus surgery.  He had a CT scan which showed he has chronic sinusitus, exacerbated by a pretty badly skewiff septum.  As a result, he ended up having sinus surgery yesterday.  He wasn’t too happy when he came out, so I asked the nurses nicely if they could do something, and they dosed him up with tramadol.  Yay for drugs, this worked a treat!  He’s home now and whilst he’s not overjoyed, it certainly went a lot better than we were both fearing.  His specialist was pleased, he said that there were a heap of polyps in his nasal passage which he removed, his septum is now straight, and he thinks C’s life will be improved immeasurably.  So, by extension, will my life.  I can’t wait to have a husband who’s full of the joy of life and gets a decent night’s sleep.  Thank god for medical intervention, that’s all I can say.