It’s been a really good day.  I did the food shopping and also managed to do some ‘other’ shopping – C’s birthday is coming up, so I bought a couple  of shirts for my mum and J to give him, and some other stuff from me.  I also bought some new work shoes, after one heel on my current pair broke on Friday. 

After that I came home and had a nice nap, then got up and did some house stuff – did some laundry, weeded the back lawn, and cooked a cottage pie for dinner.  Actually I cooked two, so dinner for (probably) Tuesday is now sorted out as well.  I even managed to clean up the kitchen when I was cooking, an unusual feat for me.  (Unlike the stereotype, I’m a hopeless multitasker.  I’m basically an honorary man in that department.)

Now I’m sitting back, warm and clean (just had my shower) and I’m watching Cadel Evans put in the fight of his life for the 20th stage of the Tour de France.  I hope he wins!!  Hang in there Cadel, you have the whole country rooting for you 😀