Firstly, YAY CADEL!  I’m so proud <sniff> <wipes tear away>

Another good day.  Ironed two business shirts for C, cleaned both bathrooms, changed linen on both beds, and finished off the laundry, including some white towels I bleached, so they’re actually white again.  C vacuumed the house and even wanted to sort out the front room (our ‘crap room’) until I had to tell him his birthday presents were in there, unwrapped.  I ended up wrapping them and even started cleaning up the loose paperwork that was in that room.  Baby steps, baby steps.

I had lots of naps and also spent lots of quality time with the cat.  She’s spending all her time with us now, and sleeping in her box we’ve given her every night.  She’s such a darling.  Even C has completely fallen under her spell.  On the way home from work, the topic of discussion inevitably ends up being, will the cat be there when we get home?  She usually is.  Coincidentally we do normally feed her not long after we get home, but I prefer to think she likes to see us as well  😀

We have two turnovers this week, one mid-week (move out Tuesday, move in Wednesday).  I’m going to see if I can take a day of annual leave on Wednesday, which will make things a lot easier.