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Well, the sun was out for most of it anyhow.  It wasn’t hot, about 20 degrees C, but very pleasant.  We both spent some of yesterday and (most of) today in the garden.  Yesterday we finished weeding one of our garden beds, and heavily pruned one of our hibiscus plants back.  Just cutting up the hibiscus clippings took a couple of hours – it went from being about ten feet tall to about two feet.

Today C sorted out the retic in a new garden bed he and his dad finished not long ago (they did limestone retaining walls), while I dug out grass, pruned, and weeded.  The place is actually starting to look a helluva lot better.  This makes me happy 🙂

In other stuff, I looked at a couple of properties today (in between gardening).  Both of them need a LOT of work.  They both remind me of a one-bedroom unit we bought a few years ago, that needed every single thing replaced or repainted.  It was a shitload of work.  Haven’t talked to C about it yet, but I suspect he’ll want to pass, given the work required.  I’d be happy going for one of them, but we would have to get it at a really good price to justify the amount of work it needs – like, about a 20% discount on what they want.  We might be able to get one for a good price however as apparently the owner (same person owns both properties) has ‘over-committed themselves’ ie. got into too much debt.  We’ll see, anyhow.


Another good day.  I managed to get all the washing done and hung on the line, and most of it dry.  This doesn’t sound like much but it puts me in a really good mood.  I also cleaned both bathrooms and toilets, changed the bedsheets, and started sorting out the room we call the ironing room.  As you may have guessed, this is where we keep clean clothes before they’re ironed, together with the ironing board and iron.  I should add it’s my least favourite room in the house, particularly as it often looks like a bomb has gone off in there.

The cat has spent most of today sleeping in her box on our barbeque, outside the kitchen window.  She’s a determined napper – she even managed to sleep through C vacuuming.  I read somewhere that cats sleep about 16 hours a day.  This sounds about right, from what I’ve seen with the cat.

It’s kind of hard to believe that tomorrow is Monday (and work) already…. the weekend has gone so quickly, and I don’t feel like I’ve really had any time to relax.  Still, I’ve done heaps, and that’s always good.

Yes we are both still alive!  It was C’s birthday on the 2nd of August, which took a fair bit of prep, as we had his dad and stepmum over to a three course dinner that I cooked.  Yep three courses, plus little coffee meringues for afters.  I was shattered by the time it was over, but it was worth it – C had a great night.  As the 2nd was a Tuesday, I then had to struggle through the rest of the week at work knackered, but it was a good evening.

On the third, we lost both internet and phone connectivity.  Thanks Telstra!  We’re iinet naked DSL customers, and it appears one of Telstra’s techs just stole our line for a new customer in the area :O   This shit amazes me.  It’s anti-competitive behaviour, as far as I’m concerned.  Anyhow, we didn’t get a connection back for nearly a week and a half.  Pretty stressful as C was on call for a week during that period.  Luckily for the first time in forever, he didn’t actually get called on the entire week.  This is just about a miracle.

LIfe has been going pretty well generally.  We’re finding the properties are all behaving themselves, which is nice.  We had people move out on Friday and for some reason, I washed all the linen like I was possessed.  Not really sure why, as we didn’t have anyone due to move in to that property.  Anyhow, wouldn’t you know it, I got a call and long story short, we did end up with people moving in on Saturday.  I’m SO glad I got that linen all sorted out.  How’s that for lucky?!  They’re there for a minimum of three months, which is great.  Next couple of turnovers will be happening at the beginning of September, so no rest for the wicked here.

Work is also going well – my boss P has asked me to put in for a permanent position.  This is a good indicator.  Mind you, I am pretty good 😉  I know he likes the work I do, plus the fact I can adapt reasonably easily.  These two factors definitely count in my favour.