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Aloha faithful readers!  Sorry for the protracted absence, but C and I went away for a week, down south to Margaret River.  We did have (some) internet access, but we were too busy stuffing our faces and having afternoon naps to really do much, like post to blogs.  Short story – had a great time, ate too much, had a nap every day, glad to be back home.

I really missed the cat, and ever since we’ve been home she’s been following us both around like our shadow.  I spent about three hours in the front garden this afternoon, and she was there the whole time.  She’s a sweetheart and we both missed her so much.  I said at one point to C while we were away, ‘You do realise, if anything happens to her, we’re going to have to get another one’.  He resignedly said, ‘I know’.

C’s dad and stepmum were wonderful, they came over twice every day and fed her, so she didn’t go without while we were gone.  She just didn’t get her usual pats from Mummy or game playing with Daddy that she’s used to.

As soon as we got back from our holiday, I started zumba again – I even went to a class that’s not very close to home on Thursday (we got back Thursday midday), to get back into it.  It nearly killed me but it set me up nicely for today’s usual Saturday class.  I outdid myself today – straight after zumba (yes, track pants, purple sweaty face and all) I went to Bunnings and bought about $100 worth of plants to put in the front garden.  Came home, did some laundry, had a snooze, then got up and planted almost all of them.  I even went around and put Miracle Gro on everything.  I’m exhausted now, but it was worth it.

It’s paying off, too.  The garden is starting to look really nice, and it’s actually going to be sorted out for Perth’s long, hot summer.  We do still have a few things to finish off, but it’s looking respectable for the first time since we bought it, really.  And I’m getting pleasure out of doing stuff in it as well, which is a nice bonus.

We had C’s dad and stepmum over to dinner last night.  Roast lamb with vegies, and gluten free apple crumble to finish.  Fortunately it all turned out well, and tasted fantastic.  They were most appreciative too, which is always nice.


My gorgeous friend M got married a year ago, and I was one of her bridesmaids.  She and her husband C live in another state, but they came over (with their new baby daughter) just for this weekend, to catch up (briefly) with family and friends.  All M’s friends live here, and all C’s family and friends, so there was a lot of catching up scheduled.

A large group of us from her wedding had dinner last night in Fremantle.  I think it was originally intended to just be the bridal party plus their partners, but it ended up being pretty much everybody who came to the wedding (minus M’s parents, who are from Victoria).  So it was a big group, lots of kids ranging from 8 months to 13 years old, and heaps of talking.

It was great to see M, and of course C and the baby.  The baby is adorable – M has four children, and all of them are very very cute.  She has a big shock of medium brown hair and the most beautiful skin you’ve ever seen.  She was so good, too, not a peep out of her from 6:30pm until 10pm, when I left.  Despite going from being a single guy to a dad with four kids in one fell swoop, C was also looking just the same as he did a year ago, which is good – the shock hasn’t killed him yet, so I think he’s going to make it 😉  I asked M how it was going with him and the kids and she said they just adore him, which is wonderful.  I asked C how he was going, and he said really good, that it had its challenges, but it was good.  Overall I think it’s all working out fantastically well, and I’m so so glad for M, who really deserves an easier life than she’s had, firstly married to her first (pig of a) husband, then being a single mum to three very small kids.

The only thing that worried me was M’s health.  She’s had a chequered past in terms of physical health – at 17 she was diagnosed with three brain tumours, two of which were inoperable.  In the last year these seem to have almost disappeared and all her tests are coming back great.  That said, she is waaaaay too skinny – 47 kilos – and for the first time ever, she’s looking quite lined and old.  I really got a shock when I saw her last night, she basically looked worse than I’ve ever seen her look before.  When I asked her about her health she admitted that she seems to have some kind of thyroid problem, but they can’t pin down exactly what it is – most of her levels are fine, other indicators aren’t showing anything, etc.  But she can’t keep any weight on (she eats like a horse, and C is a chef who does all the family meals) and she’s exhausted all the time.

So yes, while it was fantastic to see them, I am worried about M.  I know there’s nothing I can do, and that fretting won’t achieve anything, but I can’t get the image of her poor little face out of my mind. 😦

Not a huge amount going on to report here.  Still keeping up with the zumba classes, still doing the usual – work, sleep, properties, etc.

I’m going to visit my mum this morning.  She and J got back from their European trip last weekend but we couldn’t organise a time to meet before now, so today it is.  She managed to hurt her ankle – not quite sure what she’s done to it at this stage, but 1) it isn’t broken, and 2) it seems worse than a sprain.  She has to have a CT scan on it, her physio thinks she may have pulled some tendon away from the bone.  YOUCH.

I caught up with a girlfriend from my previous workplace last week, and I’m doing the same with a couple more in the next two weeks.  I used to try to get them all to the same lunch but found it didn’t really work – we all like talking, but an hour with three other people isn’t really quality time, so I’ve started organising to see them all separately.  I loved seeing A and I know seeing T and G will be just as good.

Who knew that such a short period of time could make such a difference?

I’ve been going regularly to zumba classes – at the moment, 2-3 times a week.  I’d like to make it a solid 3x per week, but that will depend on what else is going on.  For example I couldn’t make last Saturday’s class, because I’d been to the chiropracter earlier, and he said it wasn’t such a good idea to go on the same day.  However, I went tonight – I hadn’t done a Monday class before.  With Wednesday’s evening class and next Saturday’s 10am class, this will make 3x this week.

I’m also being a bit more conscious about eating.  I wouldn’t say I’m denying myself, I’m just remembering to think, ‘Is this really a good idea?’  So I didn’t have a muffin with my coffee today (which I probably do about once a week, typically on Mondays because it’s the start of the work week); I didn’t have a kitkat with lunch, and I did have a salad and an orange juice, instead of an iced bun (sad but true, this is probably my preferred lunch MO – I’d have an iced bun about three times a week).  When I got home from zumba, I had two fish fillets and steamed vegies.  I may well have a cornetto in a minute too, but that’s okay.

So yes, lots of lifestyle changes going on.  It’s great.  I just need to keep the momentum up now.  My chiro was very happy to hear I’ve started regular exercise as well, his last words to me were ‘keep it up!’.  Considering how good I feel after a class, I think I will.  Not just physically good either – the endorphins zoom around my body like they’re on speed.  It’s great stuff.  I’m not fooling myself that I can kick the antidepressants cold turkey or anything, but the exercise does help, probably more than just about anything else that’s not pharmaceutical-based.