Who knew that such a short period of time could make such a difference?

I’ve been going regularly to zumba classes – at the moment, 2-3 times a week.  I’d like to make it a solid 3x per week, but that will depend on what else is going on.  For example I couldn’t make last Saturday’s class, because I’d been to the chiropracter earlier, and he said it wasn’t such a good idea to go on the same day.  However, I went tonight – I hadn’t done a Monday class before.  With Wednesday’s evening class and next Saturday’s 10am class, this will make 3x this week.

I’m also being a bit more conscious about eating.  I wouldn’t say I’m denying myself, I’m just remembering to think, ‘Is this really a good idea?’  So I didn’t have a muffin with my coffee today (which I probably do about once a week, typically on Mondays because it’s the start of the work week); I didn’t have a kitkat with lunch, and I did have a salad and an orange juice, instead of an iced bun (sad but true, this is probably my preferred lunch MO – I’d have an iced bun about three times a week).  When I got home from zumba, I had two fish fillets and steamed vegies.  I may well have a cornetto in a minute too, but that’s okay.

So yes, lots of lifestyle changes going on.  It’s great.  I just need to keep the momentum up now.  My chiro was very happy to hear I’ve started regular exercise as well, his last words to me were ‘keep it up!’.  Considering how good I feel after a class, I think I will.  Not just physically good either – the endorphins zoom around my body like they’re on speed.  It’s great stuff.  I’m not fooling myself that I can kick the antidepressants cold turkey or anything, but the exercise does help, probably more than just about anything else that’s not pharmaceutical-based.