Today, for the first time since before Christmas, I actually feel like I have time to breathe.  Things have been just so frantic, both with work and the properties, and today was the first time in months that I could actually properly relax.  So I did!  I did the food shopping, then went to my usual Saturday morning zumba class (so much love for zumba 😀 ) which I’d only returned to last week.  I’m happy with how I went over my extended break – I weighed myself this morning and came in at exactly 75kgs.  Considering I haven’t been exercising, and not really watching what I eat, that’s a great outcome.  Plus, I didn’t hurt after my zumba class – I must be getting my fitness back reasonably quickly, which is a great thing.

After zumba, I came home and had a nap – then got up for lunch – then had another nap.  Just about the best way to spend the day possible 🙂  C was helping his dad so he was out of the house and kept busy while I imitated Rip van Winkle.  Other than that, I haven’t done anything, and that’s just fine too.  I think I needed a day off from life, to be honest, and I feel like I got it.