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Not doing so incredibly well at the moment, but that’s primarily because I’m in a fair amount of physical pain.  Of course this colours my view of the world, which I currently hate. 😉

I was walking through a carpark the other day after a meeting and tripped.  Well, tripped doesn’t really sound adequate to describe exactly what happened.  It was more like, I threw myself onto a hard gravelled surface, with nothing breaking my fall, except for both knees, and my right forearm.  Luckily, nothing serious happened – no sprains or breaks.  However, I am covered in bruises, I hurt all over, and tomorrow will be my third day off work and on painkillers.  Who would’a thunk a relatively minor thing could cause so many problems?!  Bizarre.  And embarrassing.  Great combination.  C couldn’t believe his eyes when he picked me up from work and saw me.  I’m personally just glad I didn’t land on my face, or rip any clothing (both my knees were bleeding through my pants, but my pants didn’t actually tear).

Otherwise all is good.  Heaps going on with the properties at the moment – we have bought a new one, plus doing fairly major works to an existing one, and turning over a third this weekend.  The major works on the existing property includes painting throughout – including skirts and architraves – how I hate enamel paint!!  plus we are replacing the cracked shower screen and horrible old leaky toilet.  Fortunately I’m nearly finished with the enamel paint, which I hate more than almost anything – the fumes, the mess, the turps cleanup, you name it.  Acrylic paint is completely different, so easy to use and clean up, and I don’t mind the smell.

In some good news, I have actually finished our tax for 2010-11 and got it to our accountant.  It’s such a relief, I loathe doing it, it’s a huge time suck, plus I find it stressful.  It was a particularly nasty year as well, as we bought two properties and sold one, so there were lots of additional bits over and above the usual that I had to make sure I included.   We’re hoping for some money back, we need it for our latest purchase.

Work was going well, at least until early afternoon Tuesday when I tried to leave the entirety of my skin behind on the bitumenised carpark.  I’ve been off ever since and I don’t think I’ll be in tomorrow either – the bruising is so extensive that I can’t really manage without substantial painkillers every four hours.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love the pharmaceutical industry?  I know that Big Pharma is the devil, but to be honest it beats the crap out of pain.