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Of course there are lots of reasons why I haven’t written.  Lots of property stuff, lots of personal stuff (grandmother passed away, been sick, jury duty) and lots of work stuff.  No new job as yet, but the current contract is keeping me busy.

I was in a real funk earlier today – absolutely miserable and very very tired.  As in, I woke up at noon and my first thought was, ‘I’m so tired’.  I kind of stuffed around all day, not doing much, but late this afternoon I actually got out into the garden and did some work.  I trimmed back both the plumbago plants in the front garden – they were looking really scruffy with their dead flowers hanging off – and then attacked the various little shrubby thingswe have around the place, that had got very leggy and overgrown. 

After all that I was full of beans and felt much happier, so I came in and made C dinner – two bacon and egg rolls, which he devoured.  I then decided I’d use the same pan I cooked the bacon with, and make spaghetti bolognese, which is just cooling now.  I’m hoping that cooking the mince in the bacon grease will make it taste extra good.  I don’t like the fat content of bacon (and in fact I don’t eat bacon at all for that reason) but as the mince was ‘gourmet’ low low low fat, it didn’t worry me as much as it normally would.  Plus the flavour should be an interesting addition.

Looks like tomorrow will be another day in the garden, given it’s a public holiday here in WA.  C and I have already organised C’s dad to lend us his trailer, so we can dispose of the garden trimmings.  I always feel better when I’ve done some gardening, so I’m looking forward to it.