On Thursday this week, I cracked.  I went back to the doctor, and demanded antibiotics.  I took the first one on Thursday evening.  When I woke up today (Saturday) my sore throat was just about gone.  I spent the whole day running around, getting stuff done, and feeling human for the first time in over a fortnight.  I didn’t even need any painkillers or cold and flu tablets – I had a nap, but that’s par for the course with me, sick or well.  Thank god for drugs.

I actually managed to get myself organised for my friend’s wedding on the 13th November.  I had the dress, but needed appropriate underwear (both knickers and bra), shoes, and a purse.  Got the whole lot today in a whirlwind of shopping.  Now I’m feeling proud of myself.  I also did food shopping, ran around for the property we’re renovating, and cooked dinner – roast beef with vegies.  C was very complimentary 🙂 

Yes, so finally things are looking up.  I can’t believe what a difference it’s made to my general outlook, feeling better already.  Again, thank god for drugs!