Well, life has been busy.  My mental health has also taken a dive in the last couple of days.  Not really sure why – there were triggers, but nothing really major.  It was all definitely compounded by getting less than four hours’ sleep last night.  My biggest trigger by far is insufficient sleep, and four hours doesn’t cut it in any language.  That said, anything less than about 14 hours for me is ‘insufficient’, so this is clearly a subjective measure.

So yes, haven’t been the best.  Work is a bit all over the place, both figuratively and literally.  I just moved office yesterday, plus I’m in a different job for a couple of months.  We have training that needs to be rolled out, and I’m the Chosen One to do it.  Fortunately I’ll have assistance, otherwise I think my mental health would be well and truly down the toilet given the time frames etc. that have been determined.

We have a final pre-settlement inspection tomorrow night at 5pm, and a potential tenant coming by to view one of our properties at the same time.  I can definitely see the benefits in owning multiple properties in the same complex.

Ugh.  Brain not working.  I think I’m going to have a shower and go to bed.  Tomorrow is another, hopefully better, day.